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Romanian officials comment on European Commission's report on Romania's progress
-- Justice minister Catalin Predoiu: "A realistic report"
"The report is objective, well-balanced and realistic, mentioning Romania's progress. The continuation of reforms is the only means to put an end to the monitoring mechanism".
The Romanian Justice minister Catalin Predoiu announced yesterday that he would make a proposal for a new head of the National Anti-Corruption Department over a fortnight.
PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu: "The greatest enemy of Justice is the politician"
The Romanian government issued a press release yesterday, in which PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu is pleading as follows: "I am demanding all parties to take up a positive approach to it. The greatest enemy of Justice is the politician who uses electoral and conflictual discourse. I am inviting the representatives of all the political forces to a constructive and balanced dialogue so that the progress in Justice can continue."
As response to the newly released document on the progress and also the flaws of Romanian Justice, the PM argues: "We are determined to continue to use our 0 tolerance policy on those who make use of public positions in order to get rich. This is why we have taken efforts to set the Agency for National Integrity going. We want every citizen to feel that Romanian Justice is fair and more efficient."
The official insists that his Cabinet has been working against local corruption and for more transparent public institutions, pursuing to sanction those public servants who "mistake citizens' pocket for their own pocket".
The Romanian PM admits there still are difficulties and flaws to be settled and he describes the criticism in the European Commission's report as helpful to new solutions. He concludes: "I want to express my gratitude to the European Commission's representatives for the excellent cooperation and to ensure that we are going to intensify measures in the problematic fields, meaning we are going to consolidate the progress already made. I am aware that a still difficult way is ahead of us. But I am also aware that Romania is more powerful and more prepared than it was last year. I know that us, the Romanians, can go all the way."
Interior minister is both satisfied and aware of what is left to do
Cristian David, Romania's minister of interior affairs and administrative reform, has told the NewsIn that he is satisfied with the EU officials' conclusions about the progress made in his field, still he adds of course there are lot of things left for his ministry to achieve.
Minister Davis argues: "I am satisfied that the report mentions achievements such as the adoption of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in local administration, as well as the growing efficiency in the fight against interior domestic corruption. It is a positive clue under emphasis, meaning support for our efforts to eliminate corruption from administration." (T.B.)
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