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Disaster in Bucharest
Bucharest has got to be a city almost impossible to live in. The explosive economy development has filled the streets with cars polluting and overcrowding the city now impossible to bear. Mayor Adriean Videanu has turned into a ciy legend or at least his curbs have become a legend. In case not all of them are his, they will always be a legend related to his name. I can't forget that while mayor Adrian Videanu was in power, I could see the curbs changed on one avenue twice in two years. Under his rule I have had numberless reasons to go mad: once the repairs of a pavement over, another team would show up one day later to proceed to holes in the pavement. Once over, they would fill the ditches in such a way to make you sprain your ankle.
The well-known Romanian legend that what you build at day is demolished at night works for Bucharest. The holes in pavements and roads seem to be something inborn with this city: we must live with it. In vain is mayor Videanu pleading innocent: he has been the general mayor and he is known as such by everyone. Traian Basescu too is in the memory of Bucharest inhabitants: while a mayor he demolished kiosks to make more room for parking areas and less room for pedestrians and the elimination of stray dogs was like oxygen and his idea that "summer is not like winter" is now part of the Bucharest oral tradition. Videanu's curbs will be another city brand.
The campaign for the Bucharest mayor election looks lively and exciting, as well as mysterious. There are two opinion polls that have already confused us. The one authored by the League for the Protection of Political Rights and Liberties and D&D Research claims the Democrat-Liberal Vasile Blaga has got 25% of vote options, Social-Democrat Cristian Diaconescu comes next with 14% and Cozmin Gusa is the third, due to 13%. Liberal Ludovic Orban comes fourth, with almost 10%.
According to the Gallup poll, Sorin Oprescu, an ex Social-Democrat, is enjoying 47%, although at that time his candidacy wasn't announced. Vasile Blaga is rated with 16%, Cozmin Gusa gets 11%, Cristian Diaconescu reaches 8% and Ludovic Orban just 5%. Let sociologists make something out of these two polls, for I can't.
The whole local election story is actually a big test for the competition due next autumn in the parliamentary elections. The MEP election was a disastrous test for most Romanian parties. The local election test will make political passion even hotter: there will follow nonstop scandal with recriminations lacking any consequences. We shall get more promises for a future paradise on Bucharest streets, but nothing will improve, just like always. Or maybe the bad will turn into worse in the best case. So one is wondering if Romanians can still be patient with politicians. Bucharest inhabitants are sure to be exhausted, for the city is just unbearable. The number of Romanians who go voting in the coming elections may become insignificant to the future electoral confrontations.
George DAMIAN 
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