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Constitutional Court blackmailed
Here is a piece of shocking news: Ioan Vida, a president of the Constitutional Court in Romania, got into 'trouble' because of having explained publicly a decision reached by the Court. He has admitted this just a few days after speaking to one ZIUA journalist on the phone and arguing that the National Anti-Corruption Department might investigate on and even charge Adrian Nastase, Miron Mitrea, Paul Pacuraru and Codrut Seres, even without consent from the Parliament.
One day after Ioan Vida explained the Court's motivation, Romania's politicians, Adrian Natase the first of them, accused the Constitutional Court official of obeying President Basescu and trying to influence the Constitutional Court's decision. It is likely that, apart from public criticism by the Social-Democrats, the Liberals, the Greater Romania Party and the Romanian Conservative Party too, there should be secret talks, since most of the 9 judges in the Constitutional Court were appointed at times when Ion Iliescu was a President of Romania and most of them come from the very PSD.
So the Court released a communique yesterday, trying to twist Ioan Vida's words upside down: "By the so-called interview the president of the Court did not settle the solution reached. He just mentioned a way to interpret and apply constitutional norms." Ioan Vida even admitted getting in 'trouble' because of having talked to ZIUA. And he also said he was being reproached for it: "Don't you know what Adrian Nastase said on TV?" (...)
(M.G., G.T.)
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