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PSD-PNL alliance is real
Yesterday the leaders of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party) and the PNL (National Liberal Party) made their political collaboration for the local elections official, but leaving this new brotherhood up to the local party branches. More exactly, the central leaders of both parties decided that the groups were free to collaborate all over the country.
The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, also a president o the PNL, put it bluntly that the Liberals were allowed to proceed to political alliances with the PSD, as well as with other political groups, in order to in early elections. The PNL official argued as follows: "Since the Democrat-Liberal Party dropped the interdiction to have political alliance with the PSD, I don't see any moral reason why the PNL can't join other groups for alliance. Theoretically, our local branches are free to decide at local level on the best alliances so that administration would work and serve citizens. I don't think this is the most important thing: who is the ally? They will have to reach majority everywhere, in both the Parliament and the local councils. They have to establish majority all over Europe."
Coincidence has it that last Friday the president of the Liberals in Botosani had confessed that the Liberals there would join the Social-Democrats to get a better score in the local elections.
The PNL president also mentioned the party had 3 campaign teams, headed by Teodor Melescanu, Varujan Vosganian and Cristian David. (...)
Local PSD branches are free too
The PSD too decided yesterday that the local party branches should be free to negotiate on electoral alliances in order to get leading posts in district councils. Party sources say it will be easy for the PSD to join the PNL in alliance, since the competition against the PDL (Democrat - Liberal Party) would be even tighter. Sources claim the PSD is targeting 15 district councils.
The PSD spokesman Cristian Diaconescu commented: "There is no order from the central leaders and we are not going to release clues for the branches. But we will take care that the message from the center shouldn't differ from the local ones. "He added the idea to place a bill against the Cabinet was dismissed, so that the country wouldn't grow even weaker. He also announced that early elections were history already.
One vice president of the PSD told us: "Geoana couldn't even tell us what the Liberals' answer was. Given his face, they have surely dismissed him again. He tried to explain something, but no one could understand a thing." (...)
Razvan GHEORGHE, Cristian ANDREI 
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