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Vladimir Putin may attend NATO summit in Bucharest
According to the Russian PM Serghei Ivanov, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin may attend the NATO summit due in Bucharest in April 2-4, 2008, for one issue on the agenda is the candidacy of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO membership.
The above-mentioned Russian PM attended last week's security conference in Munich and he expressed his lack of understanding about the two ex Soviet republics' possible accession to the NATO, but reminding any state was free to make such decisions.
He announced that President Putin was likely to participate in the NATO summit in Bucharest. Romanian authorities perceive this as an opportunity to refresh relations between Romania and Russia, right now rather shaded.
In late January the NATO spokesman James Appathurai mentioned an invitation had reached Russia, but that there was no reply from Moscow officials yet.
The NATO summit to take place in Bucharest is to be attended by 6,500 guests, among them the US President George W. Bush, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the German President Angela Merkel and more high officials in Europe. (D.E.)
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