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Offered ministership is no reason for joy to Teodor Melescanu
Teodor Melescanu, a vice president of the PNL (National LIberal Party), mentioned yesterday that the ministership he was being offered was no reason for too much joy and he told his party colleague Radu Stroe that he would have all his support for arranging the NATO summit due in Bucharest in April.
Liberal Teodor Melescanu commented: "Our decision is due to our wish and obligation to end the deadlock in the Ministry of Justice. I can't say I am very glad about it, I don't know if you can see it on my face. But I think it is a decision to take responsibility for in order to settle the crisis in the Ministry of Justice."
The Liberal also added that his successor to head the Ministry of National Defense would have to continue preparations for the NATO summit. He added he was convinced Radu Stroe would accomplish mission.
When asked whether he was fit for a minister of justice or not, Teodor Melescanu answered ironically that he thought himself fit for any situation. "I haven't said I am not the right person. I have said I am always the best and I will do better in a different ministry", he added.
He also mentioned the Liberal officials had also considered the idea to quit: "We tackled all the possible solutions and decided on this one as the fastest way to end the Ministry of Justice deadlock", he explained. (R.G.)
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