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Gulf syndrome in Romania
Post-trauma shock is striking Romanian soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Romanian Ministry of National Defense has initiated an emergency ordinance for treatment.
Doctor Aurelia Cana, a psychologist in the Military Psychology Department, confirms in her survey that those Romanian soldiers who participated in missions on battlefields have proved clues of psychical disturbance: "A small number of soldiers displayed one, two or all the symptoms of post-traumatic stress. There were some soldiers with severe forms of anxiety and general misfitting, which is why they were repatriated."
According to the psychologist, such traumas are an emergency. Many of the soldiers are in the habit of hiding a certain problem in order to get a new well-paid job on missions abroad.
Right now there are 1, 450 Romanians in Iraq and Afghanistan, but in the past they were more. It is to be mentioned that the Gulf and Vatican syndromes were the causes of bloody scenes in the US, with innocents falling victims to ex fighters under post-traumatic stress. (...)
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