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Government stands by CNSAS
Civil society members were out in the University square, Bucharest, yesterday, to ask that the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archivez) should get its rights back. Under public opinion pressure, Romanian officials have promised to settle the matter this Wednesday by means of an emergency ordinance. Protests continue and there are more adepts. The CNSAS is an institution to be consolidated instead of dismembered, His Majesty King Michael comments.
Marius Oprea and Stejarel Olaru, two representatives of the PNL (National Liberal Party), are meeting today with the representatives of the CNSAS (National Council for Research on the Communist Secret Service Archive) to decide on the contents of an emergency ordinance to be released by the government on Wednesday, in order to make the status of the CNSAS clear. Liberal Stejarel Olaru, a historian and also the Romanian PM's personal adviser, commented: "Tomorrow we are meeting with the representatives of the CNSAS to elaborate a project on an emergency ordinance to settle the activity f the CNSAS so that the unveiling of the ex Securitate Communist Secret Service in Romania) as political police would continue. The government is most likely to release this emergency ordinance next Wednesday." He explained: "As for the transfer of the CNSAS archive to the Institute for Investigation on Communist Crimes, there is only an emergency possibility for there are no others. We will manage to settle the situations, we no longer need an emergency solution."
Liberals take responsibility for it
Calin Popescu Tariceanu, a Romanian PM and also a president of the PNL, said last Saturday that the PNL would take responsibility for helping the CNSAS out and he mentioned there was a group with Stejarel Olaru and Marius Oprea as members, meant to find the legal support to this end.
PM Tariceanun argued: "Together with my colleagues I have concluded that s a party we have got a major responsibility to help the CNSAS out. We believe we have got both the obligation and the necessary means to ensure the existence and activity of the CNSAS in order to allow everyone access to their own records and continue the unveiling of the ex Securitate, as well as to preserve this extraordinary archive."
When asked if the Parliament also intended to take responsibility for a law draft on the CNSAS, the PM answered: "I can't give you details about the means to do it."
It is to be added that last Saturday the Democrat-Liberal Party demanded the government for emergency ordinance so that the CNSAS would continue to work. (....)
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