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Corneliu Vadim Tudor hires witch to be parliamentary expert
Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a president of the PRM (Greater Romania Party), hired himself a witch to be a parliamentary expert.
For 3 years Aneta Badiu has foreseen the PRM leader’s future. She has also broken spells against him, providing protection against those people spreading negative energies. PRM sources claim Vodoo is now his nickname, Gelil Eserhep, one of his obedient party members, introduced the 35-year old women to him.
On the other hand, it is to be noticed that Corneliu Vadim Tudor misses no opportunity to brag about being a Christian and a churchgoers. But he got far: in the yard at his home he set a blessed crossed on fire, for the witch claimed it was spellbound.
Many a time did this adviser made the PRM head reach bad decisions on his party and close friends. But she is not the first witch Corneliu Vadim Tudor has asked for service, It is to be reminded that parapsychologist Nina Petre persuaded him into thinking he was the 16th incarnation of Greek Historian Tucidides, a javeline thrower. (…)
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