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Romanians don't trust Justice
Romanians’ trust in Justice is still scarce, whereas the citizens who live in those states that joined the EU in 2004 are part of the same trend, according to the most recent Eurobarometer, a survey ordered by the General Department of Communication in the European Commission.
The research was accomplished in September and October 2007 and the results were released yesterday in the building of the European Commission’s representation in Bucharest by sociologist Sandu Dumitru, a national editor of the report. According to the data, in the late 2006 Romanians’ trust in Justice had reached 26%, a figure that goes for the same period one year later, whereas the inhabitants of the states that had joined the EU in 2004 reach a 37% of trust, as compared to 6% in 2004.
In the first half of 2007 Romanians’ trust in the Parliament was 35%, in the second half of 2006 it reached 24% and in the autumn of 2007 it got down to 17%. (…)
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