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Romanians still live on bank credits
In the late 2007 the increase of bank credits for companies and Romanian citizens intensified to 60,4%, as compared to 2006, the fund contracted reaching about 44,4 billion Euro. According to data from the National Bank of Romania, the evolution was supported by the powerful 84% increase of foreign currency loans.
There is mentioned that non-governmental currency credit got to 80, 46 billion RON and the national currency one reached 67,71 billion RON.
The governmental credit (by central and local administration and also by the social insurance administration) had a 2,1% growth in December 2007, reaching 9,57 billion RON. As compared to December 2006, the governmental credit had a 169,9% increase in December 2007. (...)
The currency deposits belonging to Romanians and to both non-financial and financial companies reached 11,46 billion Euro last December, a 4,2% growth as compared to the previous month. (G.M.)
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