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President Basescu to denounce Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact
-- Romania's foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu attended yesterday's opening of the new building housing the Romanian Consulate in Chishinau. The Moldovan authorities described his visit as "unfriendly" and gave the Romanian official the cold shoulder.
Although informed about the Romanian official's visit to Chishinau, the Foreign Ministry of the Moldovan Republic announced by release that minister Cioroianu had not asked for a meeting with Moldovan officials, therefore the visit was "unfriendly". But it didn't discourage the Romanian minister, who talked to the Moldovan foreign minister Andrei Stratan, demanding him to support the attempt to "dissolve the wall of suspicion and distrust looming" between the two states. Romania's minister emphasized that Romania's intention was to respect the integrity and independence of the Moldovan Republic and use the same attitude towards the Moldovan authorities.
The Romanian Consulate in Chishinau has now got 60 employees able to process 1,000 requests for visa a day. The new building cost 1,5 million Euro.
Romanian President's objectives
Far from thinking the bilateral Romanian-Moldovan relations were a failure, the President of Romania Traian Basescu told the RRA yesterday that Romania's objective was not Vladimir Voronin, but the 4,5 million Romanians in the Moldovan Republic. When asked if he felt pain because of the recent evolution of the relations between the two states, the President answered: "Of course I feel real pain. But I can't take this for failure. (...) Our objectives are related neither to Voronin nor to the Communist Part in the Moldovan Republic. Our objective is that the 4,5 million Romanians in the Moldovan Republic should be at benefit due to the EU and become members of the EU when the time is right."
President Basescu also mentioned a program on the admission of labor force from the Moldovan Republic, an Eu level program. He also announced his intention to denounce the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact in the Romanian Parliament, like he had condemned communism officially. (A.M.L.)
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