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Cobra's confederacy
The scenario on the events of the 1989 Revolution was included in the book titled "Political Power and Social System", authored by Virgil Magureanu, Ion Iliescu, Ioan Mircea Pascu, Vasile Secares and Mihai Draganescu.
Virgil Magureanu, nicknamed the Cobra, recommended to poet Liviu Ioan Stoiciu that he should read this book and not hurry with protests against dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. In October 1989, Liviu Ioan Stoiciu signed together with Dan Petrescu and Doina Cornea the Appeal against the Reelection of Ceausescu in the 14th Congress.
The dissident remembers: "You have done the most foolish thing ever in your life. Now the Communist Secret Service will kill you. You could have been a little patient!", he yelled at me.
Virgil Magureanu and Liviu Ioan Stoica had met in Focsani, where the "professor" had been exiled from the "Stefan Gheorghiu" Communist Academy and the poet had been axiled there too because of attending "Free Europe" programs.
The "Political Power and Social System" uses terms like "consensus about power, "charismatic leader", "political control", "power factors' roles". The poet comments: "The coup d'etat was scheduled for January 1990, according to KGB documents. This is why Magureanu kept on urging me for patience in 1989!"
There is to be reminded about some of the people initiated in the mechanisms of power in the above-mentioned Communist academy: Iosif Boda, Virgil Magureanu, Dorel Sandor, Vasile Secares, Ioan Mircea Pascu, Rodica Culcer, Silviu Brucan, Dan Mircea Popescu, Mihaela Vlasceanu (now a rector of the National School of Political and Administrative Sciences), Petru Datculescu (now a president of the IRSOP national pollster) and Adrian Nastase. (...) (D.M.C.)
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