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Moldovan President complains about Romania in Brussels
Some time ago Moldovan authorities prevented official delegations from Romania from reaching Chishinau and yesterday the Communists ruling the latter capital city denied the access of four Romanian journalists to the press conference held by the Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin. Once again did he accuse Romania of refusing to admit the independence and sovereignity of the Moldovan Republic, mentioning he fetched to Brussels a case on the relations between the two states.
More accusations
Last Wednesday the Moldovan President accused Bucharest officials once again of refusing to acknowledge that the Moldovan Republic was an independent state, just because Romania wouldn't sign the basic treaty and the border treaty. According to President Voronin, the future of Moldovan-Romanian relations depended on it, which he said in press conference.(...)
Journalists dismissed
Four Romanian journalists were prevented from attending yesterday's press conference held by the Moldovan President. Presidency representatives claimed the respective journalists were not on the list of journalists to participate in the Moldovan President's meeting with the press.
The four Romanian journalists denied access represented the Rompres (National Press Agency), the Romanian public radio post and Prima TV station (one reporter and one cameraman). One representative of the Moldovan Presidency's press agency to whom the four journalists tried to speak invoked surprising reasons such as special accreditation needed or no more room on journalists' list.
George DAMIAN 
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