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Romanian PM would like minister Orban to resign
The Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu suggested to minister Ludovic Orban last Tuesday that he should resign, governmental sources claim. The latter explain the PM talked to Romania's interior minister Cristian David to learn if the latter official was involved in or knew about the car crash caused by the Liberal transport minister. After yesterday's meeting of government members the Romanian PM made no official statement about minister Orban's situation.
It was the PM who wanted to talk to minister Orban and later on the two officials talked several times. The PM wanted to learn all the details on the incident and he asked minister Orban to make no public comments on it.
Sources also say the PM told the minister that the media scandal on the crash he had caused could do severe harm to the Liberal party and the government. As for minister Orban, they say he claimed he hadn't run away from the place and he insisted it had been a minor crash much amplified because of biased media reports. Party sources comment that Liberal Orban is fully aware that he can now kiss this aspiration to the Bucharest City hall goodbye after such a scandal.
"Why should I resign?"
The transport minister mentioned yesterday that he talked to PM Tariceanu about the accident that had occurred last Sunday. He claimed there was no word about his resignation, adding he had no intention to do it because of the crash. He argued: "I talked to the PM and he didn't ask me to resign. It hasn't crossed my mind to resign. Why should I resign?"
"No one was born a minister"
Marko Bela, a leader of the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania), insinuated yesterday that minister Orban should resign. "If they prove he lied, the consequences will be very clear to me. No one was born a minister", he commented. And he commented more: "In Romania the President drives his car after drinking alcohol, but nothing happens. We put up with the idea that ministers and government members drive officials cars themselves. I don't agree with it, but there is no legal impediment."
PDL wants interior minister sacked too
The Romanian Democrat Liberals opine that minister Orban's crash calls for the resignation of Romania's interior minister Cristian David too. The PDL (Democrat Liberal Party) comments in press release: "It is unacceptable that minister Ludovic Orban should take himself for a superior rank citizen and refuse to obey the law when committing a car crash. The initial denial of the accident and the muffling of it are very severe deeds breaking the law."
The PDL also wants interior minister Cristian David to resign because of "the totally unfair way in which the authorities have handled the situation, protecting Mr. Orban against the law instead of applying the law like on any other citizen."
"Resignation is the only possibility"
Mircea Geoana, a leader of the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), claimed yesterday that the transport minister should resign, if confirmed that he had run into a child in the car crash. Mircea Geoana commented: "If confirmed that he caused the crash, ran into a child and left the place, resignation is the only possibility. I don't know if the interior minister Cristian David had anything to do with it." (R.I.P., A.I., C.A.)
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