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LATEST - In Brief
Electorate, cautious over PDL
PD (Democrat Party) and PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) might have got, separately, 46% of the votes expressed at the next election, according to the latest INSOMAR poll, carried during 6-10 December 2007. However, the potential electorate of PD and PLD are rather cautious over the new PDL (Democrat Liberal Party). Ten per cent out of them explicitly reject the fusion, and 40% still haven't made a clear opinion in this respect.
If there were to be parliamentary election If the Parliamentary elections were to take place now, PD would win by 40%, followed at great distance by PSD (Social Democrat Party) -18% and PNL (National Liberal Party) -13%. UDMR (Democrat Union of the Magyars in Romania) - 7%, PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) - 6% and PRM (Greater Romania Party) - 5% would be the only parties that would get over the electoral threshold. The first one below the threshold is PNG (New Generation Party) - 4%. As compared to the previous INSOMAR survey, a relative preservation of the proportions among the parties may be acknowledged, despite the announced set up of the Liberal-Democrat Party. The notoriety of this event reached 65%, and 36% of the interviewed indicated properly the name of the new party, which the survey makers consider as beyond expectations. According to the results, the enthusiasm for PDL is bigger among the PLD supporters than among the PD one. Thus, 46% of those that would vote for the PD either they wouldn't vote for the newly created PDL, or haven't made up their mind yet. At the same time, the percentage would lower to 29.5% among the potential voters for PLD. On the other hand, PDL has great chances to capture from the electorate of other two important parties. About 11% of the current PNL voters would vote for the new party, and out of the PSD supporters, 6.2% would redirect their options to PDL. As far as the confidence in the politicians is concerned, Traian Basescu (53%) is still on top, followed by Theodor Stolojan (34%), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (27%), Emil Boc (26%) and Gigi Becali (21%). Regarding the participation in the election and the referendum of last 25 November, the INSOMAR sociologists have come to the conclusion that "the press has informed, the population has found out, but didn't take part in". This statement has come out from the fact that 66% of the population was informed over the theme of the referendum, and 70% is aware of the hierarchy of the first three parties as it resulted after the Europarliamentary election. (A. ILIE)
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