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LATEST - In Brief
CSAT meeting on relations with the Republic of Moldova
Supreme National Defence Council (Ro. CSAT) shall meet on Tuesday, 15.00 hrs, to analyze, among others, the situation emerged after the authorities in Chishinau had expelled two Romanian diplomats, says a Mediafax release that quotes official sources. President Basescu has already discussed the case with PM Tariceanu and with the Foreign Affairs minister, Adrian Cioroianu. According to the diplomatic practice, a diplomat of a country being declared persona non grata by the authorities of another country leads to a similar reaction from the first country. However, the head of Romanian State, suggested that Romania shouldn't resort, in its turn, to expulsions, as our country has privileged relations with the Republic of Moldova. Cioroianu has confirmed the fact that the Romanian Government has no intention to give the Bessarabyan authorities back the like. On the contrary, Romania intents to increase the number of scholarships granted to the pupils and students from Bessarabya and to facilitate the access of the Moldova people on the Romanian labour market. (A.I.)
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