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PIN has enlarged its central leadership
Deputy Cozmin Gusa was reelected the president of PIN (National Initiative Party) last Saturday, within the Extraordinary National Assembly of his political party, with 252 votes "for", 4 votes "against" and 2 abstentions. At the same time, Deputy Lavinia Sandru was elected the vice-president of the party, for a new mandate. The leadership structure of the party was enlarged, as now ten young politicians manage it from the top. Gusa appreciated that the fact that there was no contestant for the position of PIN president "is not a good thing". Meanwhile, he threatened his colleagues in the territory by saying he would be now "much more uncomfortable", as compared to his previous mandate as a party leader. "At the future party meetings, we shall flatter less and criticize more one another", added the PIN leader, as quoted by Mediafax. In the end, Gusa said the old political class would not leave the power voluntarily, but "kicked in the mouth".(R.G.)
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