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LATEST - In Brief
Fraud at Justice
-- Twelve judges from the High Court of Cassation and Justice have illegally cashed, for almost a year, tens of thousands of Euro
Although retired, the magistrates have preserved the positions they had in the supreme instance, by this breaking the law and a decision of the Superior Council of Magistrates (Ro. CSM). This decision clearly provides that, in case they want to continue their activity, the judges from the High Court who retire upon a pension must come back to their initial positions from which they had been promoted. However, such a thing didn't occurred as far as the 12 are concerned. They continued to cash, on a monthly basis, besides their 75 million lei pension, an indemnity for the activity carried on in the same position of about 80 million lei each. To keep this privilege, the judges contested the CSM decision, and opened two investigation cases that are now on the roll of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. Sources from inside the CSM told us that the General Parquet might take notice of this matter as the committing of a fraud infraction. The prosecutors' action will also aim at recovering the prejudice of tens of thousands of Euro that had been caused to the budget of the Ministry of Justice.
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