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  Nr. 4105 de vineri, 7 decembrie 2007 
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Romania is the most corrupted EU state
-- Almost a year after joining the EU, Romania is the most corrupted member state, according to the Global Corruption Barometer for 2007, authored by Transparency International.
According to the data released yesterday by the TI-Romania, one third of Romanians say they bribed various employees for various public services. This 33% makes Romania reach the top of the list and be followed by Lithuania (29%) and Greece (27%).
Romania is the only EU state part of the group of states most harmed by corruption, with more 30% of citizens giving bribe during the year. Albania, Cambodia, Cameron, Kosovo, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Senegal are in the same group.
Almost a year after Romania got EU membership, half of Romanians think authorities' efforts to fight against corruption are inefficient. They claim political parties and the Parliament are the most corrupted entities in Romania, as the two institutions have been rated with 3,9 (1 for the least corrupted and 5 for the most corrupted). Then there follow the judicial system (3,8), the Police (3,7) and the sanitary system (3,7). (D.E.)
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