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The cheat
The PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party) is an artificial party established when Traian Basescu ordered so because of getting into overt conflict with the Liberals. It was a group meant to split the PNL (National Liberal Party) and leave Calin Popescu Tariceanu without supporters, a commando for punishment. Had it succeeded, the PLD would have no longer needed fusion with anyone. It is no wonder that the leaders of this political hybrid insisted in all their statements on the idea that they represented the true liberalism in Romania, that the others, that is the group around Calin Popescu Tariceanu, were deviant and made a pact with the devil. Traian Basescu and his political group identified the devil with the PSD (Social-Democrat Party), the party those in power struggled to demonize.
Also on behalf of the so-called liberalism, Theodor Stolojan's Liberal-Democrats approached the election of MEPs and a soft equipment belonging to a company still not behind bars got them a score better than the real one, together with fake opinion polls and the President's political bias. The fraud came out just one day after the Liberal-Democrats had managed to get three seats in the Parliament of Europe. And this is just the beginning.
The way Theodor Stolojan and the politicians in his group cheated on Romanians is at least immoral. In spite of noisily affirming their membership to the purest liberalism, the PSD representatives got just two seats in the Parliament of Europe and another one after the redistribution of votes. Three Liberal voices in the Parliament of Europe is not something insignificant. I am convinced that most of the citizens who voted for them did it to serve liberalism, even if not Tariceanu's liberalism.
And right after elections the PLD announced that the three members wouldn't be joining the European Liberal family, but a different party, that is the EPP. The latter is a group opposing liberalism. Moreover, in order to seal this bizarre move, the PLD even decided to proceed to fusion with the PD (Democrat Party) and make a new political group, an EPP one.
As they can feel they may be accused of mischief, the authors of this political move have been pointing that this presidential hybrid, the PLD, although it is to sit by the EPP, is still dominated by two streams: an EPP one of the former socialists in the PD and a liberal one of the former members of the PNL and the PLD. Which is impossible. This group will split sooner or later, if pulled in two different ways: towards the liberals and towards the EPP, in terms of doctrine and of the actual political fight for supremacy in Europe. Since I am aware of such a sensible idea, President Basescu is aware of it too, together with the staff in the two parties about to join each other in a new group. It means no more and no less that the story on the two streams in one single party is a new lie, an act of demagogy and cheat.
But, after all, the new party's business card is not the most important thing. This is the business of party activists and staff. But it doesn't mean they can afford diversion for their own electorate. And they can lie to the electors, but not too many times, for then comes the sanction. The PD too will be sanctioned for the somersault to turn from a socialist party into a people's party, jump on the other ideological side. The present PLD will be sanctioned as well for the electorate voted for the Liberals, but from the urn there came out cheat. Theodor Stolojan will be the author of the toughest move, unless he gets his job, for he would thus defy Brussels.
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