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LATEST - In Brief
EU deadline for Romania
The European Commission is dissatisfied with the negotiations on the car matriculation fee with Romania. Therefore the institution decided to pass on to the second infringement stage. It is to be noticed that the first matriculation car is of a deeply fiscal nature, as settled in the Fiscal Code. So far it has supplied the budget with about 240 million Euro and Romanian officials wouldn't give up the money that easy. On the other hand, Brussels officials have started the infringement procedure also to make sure that the 112 European emergency number works.
The European Commission announces by release about the second stage of the process emerging because of Romania's break of community law concerning the car matriculation fee, which discriminates second-hand cars imported to Romania from other member states.
Last spring the commission sent a warning letter. Because the EU officials take Romanian authorities' reply as unsatisfying, they released a claim, officially demanding Romania to modify the legislation. Unless national norms are modified in two months' time in order to meet the requirement, the European Commission may decide to address the European Court of Justice.
Camelia Spataru, a spokeswoman for Romanian Presidency, mentioned yesterday that the government was to express a view in two months' time the latest. She mentioned: "We have got two months to collaborate with the EU officials and analyze all the aspects in order to reach consensus." (...) (F.B.)
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