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Romanian President vexes Italian press
The President of Romania Traian Basescu claimed in his interview to the El Pais daily in Spain that Romanians weren't treated like European citizens, which the Romanians both abroad and in the country could feel. While in Madrid, he thanked God that Spain "hasn't got to act like Italy", which has vexed the Italian press reporting yesterday on his statement.
The President argued: "I think the moratorium (on Romanians employed in Spain) is a mistake, because it encourages black market jobs and makes it hard for Romanians to find legal employment. But what is most serious is that Romanian citizens don't feel they are treated like European citizens." He added: "Were there no moratorium, the Spanish and Romanian governments could know precisely the number of Romanians in Spain and elaborate common policies to avoid the emergence of problems."
The head of state commented: "Romanians are modest, hard working and honest. You can ask any Spanish businessman. No matter if it is about journalists or authorities, no one has got the right to judge the Romanian people in terms of Romanian criminals. There are criminals in all states."
"Thank God you haven't got to act like Italy!"
The Italian press reported on President Basescu's view praising Spanish authorities for not having set restrictions against the Romanian migrants, which Italy did. La Stampa comments as follows: "20 days after the death of Giovanna Reggiani, after the public attitude of mayor Walter Veltroni and after the adoption of the public security safety, Basescu reopens the polemics. He has praised the policies Spain has adopted."
The Tgcom website reports on the same statement, claiming it is actually assail against Italy. Before his meeting with Jose Luis Zapatero in Madrid, the Romanian official commented: "Thank God you haven't got to act like Italy!" Then he added the public security measures taken in Rome could not get "resonance" in Bucharest.
The ANSA agency and more Rome publications reported on it. The AGI agency also mentions that Traian Basescu criticized the Italian government because of the decree allowing for the expulsion of immigrants. (A.H.)
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