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  Nr. 4096 de luni, 26 noiembrie 2007 
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LATEST - In Brief
Few Romanians went voting yesterday
According to the Central Electoral Office, only 19,61% of the Romanians having the right to vote reached polling stations to vote in the election of MEPs yesterday till 4:00 p.m. There were only 16,12% Romanian city inhabitants who voted. As for the inhabitants of rural Romania, the number reached 24,45%.
There were only 13,85% of the Bucharest inhabitants to vote yesterday.
As for the most diligent Romanians, for the time being things looks like this: 29,01% in the district of Harghita, 26,83% in the district of Salaj and 25,35% in the district of Covasna.
As far as the referendum on the uninominal vote system is concerned, only 22,79% of Romanians voted yesterday until 6:00 p.m. (18,87% in the urban world and 28,20% in urban Romania). Right now figures look as follows: 29,07% (Covasna), 29,02% (Vrancea), 28,68% (Vaslui), 15,90% (Bucharest), 18,90% (Prahova) and 19,52% (Timis). (O.B.)
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