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Nationalist split is final
-- The split between the nationalists in the Parliament of Europe is final. After the PRM ("Greater Romania" Party) had withdrawn from the "Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty" group, yesterday Alessandra Mussolini announced her withdrawal too, as a means to protest against Corneliu Vadim Tudor's insult against her.
Alessandra Mussolini, a MEP representing the Socialist Alternative, informed by press release: "I have announced the president of the Parliament of Europe that to stay in the Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty" group is no longer appropriate, given the release by Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a vice president of the Romanian Senate and also a president of the "Greater Romania" Party, who offended my family severely, and also given the freely expressed view on the security of Italian citizens, under permanent aggression from Romanian citizens." As none of the sides involved in the Vadim-Mussolini conflict has taken a step back, the nationalist "International" seems dismembered for good.
The president of the PRM comments: "The ITS was a castrating group because of limiting our freedom to move." He claims the decision is irrevocable, because of Alessandra Mussolini's severe statements. When asked if the PRM is looking for a different affiliation, the party president answers for the time being they will be waiting for the results of the Euro-elections in Romania, depending on which they may get invitations to join other political families in Europe. He has mentioned that affiliation to the Liberal or the Socialist groups is out of question. (A.I.)
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