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Foreign minister failed test
-- The Parliament of Europe is going to debate next Monday on the Italian decree regarding the expulsion of Romanians from Italy. Still not even now has the Romanian foreign minister Adrian Cioroianu expressed an official approach to the matter.
The government in Rome adopted more than a week ago a law-decree on the expelling of EU citizens who commit crimes in Italy. The Parliament of Europe is going to tackle the decision next Monday, but the Romanian officials have taken no notable attitude in the meantime.
Apart from paying visits to Rome and a letter addressing the EU Justice Commissioner Franco Frattini, Romania's foreign minister has been remarked for fascist comments, self-sufficiency and inactivity. The head of Romanian diplomacy is still waiting for a reply from Commissioner Frattini. As for next Monday's debate, he is counting on the skill of Romanian MPs. (...)
Wiesenthal Center wants Cioroianu dismissed
Yesterday the Simon Wiesenthal Center asked the Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu to dismiss the foreign minister, accused of promoting the idea "to deport the Roma people". The Center is also demanding that the PM should publicly criticize minister Cioroianu's statement and apologize to the Roma community in Europe. The release claims that otherwise the PM would prove support for racism and Romania's break of commitments as an EU state. The Center opines Mr. Cioroianu's attitude "reminds about the Nazi plans to deport Jews on Madagascar, which was to become a huge concentration camp." (A.M.L., D.E.)
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