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Labor force grows scarcer
Romania must stop the labor force immigration and elaborate a governmental plan on how to bring abor force home from abroad, just as it must come up with a strategy on immigration, adapted to the EU one. Romania's labor minister Paul Pacuraru explained it yesterday. He argued: "Romania has got an immigration strategy, but it hasn't been achieved yet. It will have to bring labor force because the development of economy is asking for it. But we don't know where to get it from."
According to minister Pacuraru, labor force is growing scarcer in Romania, just like in other EU states. The deficit is about 20 million jobs in the 27 states. He argued: "The EU will be economically paralyzed unless it brings labor force. In more and more states the labor force is growing scarcer. It goes for Romania too. We need to bring labor force to the country and avoid deadlocking the EU development."
The minister mentioned more and more employers in building, clothes and food industry told him they had to go abroad and fetch labor force from Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan or China. (C.S.)
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