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Magyar Guard may spread to Romania
Csibi Barna, formerly an interim president of the National Council of the Secui (Magyar minority in Transylvania) in Miercurea Ciuc, wants to establish the Secui Guard, an organization to be similar to the Magyar Guard and meant to fight for "protecting the Magyar language, making the population aware of the Secui identity and being dedicated to the nation and people". Yesterday he mentioned that a few days before he had published an ad in the "Csiki Hirlap", a Magyar daily, expressing his wish to meet two persons so that the three of them would legally establish an association meant to prepare the autonomous Secui Guard to become a partner of the Magyar Guard.
He commented: "I told the Magyar daily reporter and I am telling it again: I believe that to establish the Magyar Guard is a wonderful idea. I like the aim they defined and the idea of guard itself. They say that, apart from much talk, much honesty is also needed. (...)"
The paramilitary group "The Magyar Guard" was established in August 25, 2007 as part of the "Jobbik Magyarorszagert Mozgalom" (Movement for a Better Hungary). The organization claims the purpose is to settle frame-conditions for "national self-defense" and to train the youth for "the day when people will need mobilization". The members get training in wrestling and the use of weapons. (G.D.)
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