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Uninominal vote system under debate
Civil society in Romania is now split in sides because of different views on the uninominal vote system. The adepts of the government's version estimate the complete failure of the electoral reform because of the referendum. On the other hand, the supporters of the majority rule system take it for a universal cure for the diseases of Romanian politics.
During last Thursday's debate of the Group for Social Dialogue Cristian Parvulescu argued as follows: "The time has been wasted and the future elections are going to obey the present legislation. Do you picture that after an invalidated referendum there will be established a majority favorable to a change of the electoral system? Our talk is useless." Minister Mihai Voicu shared the opinion, claiming the adepts of the system in force were eager to see the referendum invalidated and he claimed it was likely there should follow a solicitation for a revision of the law that PM Tariceanu had just taken responsibility for in the Parliament.
Social-Democrat senator Vasile Dancu expressed the same fear, although for the majority rule system, able to make the government more efficient: "It may upset my party colleagues. But I think the present government would be much more efficient in case of real and honest support from the Parliament."
Apart from the Pro Democracy Association, it is only the Civic Alliance who supports the joint polling system and President Basescu enjoys support from some civil society representatives. Cristian Preda, a member of the Group for Social Dialogue and also a Presidency adviser, announced the Romanian President was sure to summon a second referendum unless the one due in November 25 was validated. "And we will turn into a referendum democracy", Cristian Parvulescu replied sarcastically. But Cristian Preda argued for the President's decision, claiming the government was trying to make it difficult for citizens to vote by arranging separate polling stations for the election of MEPs and the referendum. Moreover, the majority rule system encourages the making of a half-presidential regime, a clear option of the Romanian President.
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