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Bucharest to house talks on Romanians in Italy
State secretary Famiano Crucianelli, Italy's vice minister for foreign affairs, is going to pay a visit to Bucharest in October 22-23 and talk to Bucharest authorities about the Romanian community in Italy.
The Italian official is going to meet with Romania's interior minister Cristian David, the foreign affairs state secretary Adrian Vierita and the Romanian President's diplomacy adviser Anca Ilinoiu.
Sergio Chiamparino, a mayor of Turin, paid a visit to Bucharest last Thursday and he took this opportunity to point to the lack of EU funds to be used for the fight against illegal immigration to Italy, adding the two states' authorities were going to sign some agreements on future common projects to reach Brussels. As Chiamparino highlighted, the Romanian community in Turin is the most important of the kind in Italy, due to the presence of 35,000 migrants there. Still the mayor warned the community's credibility could be harmed because of the negative image of the Roma origin Romanian minority there, who dealt with drug trafficking, prostitution, exploitation of the underage, thefts and begging. The Italian official mentioned Rome and Bucharest were going to elaborate common projects to reach the European Commission and get financial resources for both the states providing and admitting immigrants.
As for Daniele Mancini, the Italian ambassador to Romania, he argued that immigration was a transnational problem impossible to settle by embassies, local authorities and even government. He commented a solution could be found only with help from Brussels funds. According to ambassador Mancini, the information about Italian authorities' intention to take measures and restrict the labor market and do away with Romanian immigrants was just press speculation. (L.P.)
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