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Holocaust Day
In November 9 Romania celebrates the Holocaust Day. This year's commemoration was special. Dr. Aurel Vainer, a president of the Jewish Community Federation in Romania, together with Osy Lazar, a president of the Jewish Community in Bucharest, as well as Israel Sabag, a manager of the newly-established "Joint Cultural Center", decided to leave cliches behind and proceed to an itinerating show performed in Bucharest, Piata Neamt, Iasi and Dorohoi. (...)
The official ceremony commemorating the victims of the Holocaust took place yesterday right in front of the Menora Monument dedicated to the Jews who died in the Holocaust.
An ampler ceremony is due next week in Dorohoi. In 1940, 59 Jews died in the manslaughter there and just one year later the entire Jewish community in the town was exiled to Transdniestria. (T.S.)
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