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Patriarch Daniel enthroned today
The ceremony enthroning the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church is due today, starting with 8:30 a.m. Over 30 delegations representing various religious cults from Romania and abroad, the President of Romania Traian Basescu and PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu are expected to attend, together with Royal House representatives.
The official title of the sixth Patriarch in the history of the Romanian Orthodox Church is "His Beatitude, the Archbishop of Bucharest, the Bishop of Muntenia and Dobrogea and His Beatitude the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church". His Holiness Nifon, the Archbishop of Targoviste, has explained in press conference that, apart from the Holy Synod members, the enthroning ceremony is going to be attended by more than 30 different delegations, 16 of them representing Orthodox Churches. 56 of the 90 persons invited to the ceremony are Orthodox and Catholic bishops. The Romanian President and PM, the speakers of both Parliament Chambers, King Mihai of Romania and the royal family will also be present, together with delegates of the Romanian communities abroad, members of the diplomatic body accredited to Bucharest and more public personalities in Romania. (...)
In the afternoon the President of Romania is to award the new Patriarch with the 'Romanian Star' National Order in a ceremony to take place in Cotroceni Palace. The last event part of the official enthroning ceremony is the Holy Synod meeting, when the high clergy in the Romanian Orthodox Church are to give their blessing for September 30, the day when the sixth Patriarch is enthroned. (...) (D.E.I.)
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