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  Nr. 4047 de sambata, 29 septembrie 2007 
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Clash in University Square
The Romanian President Traian Basescu announced he would drop by the University Square today. The PNTCD (National Christian-Democrat Party) and ex President Emil Constantinescu have asked Bucharest inhabitants to prevent "the diversion meant to settle an unrelenting regime".
In May 19 the President claimed he would meet and talk to the Romanians once every three months. As he hasn't done it until now, he is to reach the University Square, Bucharest, today at 5 in the afternoon.
But at 4 Emil Constantinescu is to launch in the same place the "Manifesto for a Clean Romania". Romanian Christian-Democrats are asking President Basescu to drop the meeting and thus avoid violence resembling the one that legitimated Ion Iliescu's regime. They have warned the head of state that they will be protecting the University square revolutionary spirit against him, just as they will prevent him from confiscating and defiling this symbol. (...) (O.B.)
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