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Social-Democrats mind President's interference
The PSD (Social-Democrat Party) is against the idea of making a government of representatives from the PNL (National Liberal Party), the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party) and the PD (Democrat Party), as suggested by the Romanian President last Thursday. The Social-Democrats dislike the President's interference in domestic party matters. Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase, targeted by the head of state's critique, wouldn't comment. Ion Iliescu, an honorary president of the PSD, just said he wouldn't lower himself to the President's obsessions.
"Unacceptable interference"
The PSD president Mircea Geoana commented yesterday that the other evening President Basescu hadn't spoken as President of Romania, but as president of the PD. He argued: "The President's speech shows he isn't aware of the historical opportunity consisting in the PSD bill against the government. His approach is narrow and , as a politician, he is trying to take advantage of it."
Mircea Geoana also reproached the Romanian President for expressing opinion on what would follow after the bill too early, describing as "unacceptable" his interference in the domestic life of parties. According to the PSD official, the President's hint at the criminal cases against some politicians is proof that the head of state is using threat and Justice cases as political weapons.
PSD puts up with early elections
Titus Corlatean, a general secretary of the PSD, mentioned the party would agree to the early elections idea, if President Basescu went on supporting instability and political tensions. Ovidiu Natea, a president of the Social-Democrats in the district of Mures, claimed in his turn that the party would never vote for a government headed by a Democrat PM, no matter what the President should do. (...)
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