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POLITICS - In brief
Ponta criticizes his party
PSD (Social Democrat Party) vice-president, Victor Ponta, criticized yesterday the party's leadership, namely the party's decisions on the conditional support for the current Government, the way candidatures for the elections for the EP were established, as well as the attitude towards president Traian Basescu. Present at the TSD (Social Democrat Youth) Summer School, Ponta reproached the party leaders, still avoided to mention names, a lack of critical attitude towards the activity of the current Liberal ministers, "some people who got there by our mistake". Moreover, he didn't avoid agreeing with Liberal Teodor Melescanu, who stated yesterday that, in the case of the vote of censure, PSD had two options - " either they get into a mess, or they make a fool of themselves. "We may be a ...party, as Mr. Melescanu says, if we back up a government Mr. Melescanu is member of. Such a Government, such a back up", said the PSD vice-president, as quoted by Mediafax. Although he came to the microphone, PSD president Mircea Geoana didn't give a strong reply to Ponta: "Victor was a little unfair. It is more difficult to get organized in the opposition that in power. We all have the nostalgia of the times we were in power. And I believe I was the best ambassador in Washington". The Social Democrat vice-president is known as one of those who had opposed the decision of the PSD leaders to back up a PNL (National Liberal Party) -UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) Government in the Parliament last spring. (R.I.P.)
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