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POLITICS - In brief
Vote-of-censure barter
-- The Social Democrats play hard trying to get points from PNL
Geoana's party negotiates with the Liberals the possibility to give up the vote of censure. PNL (National Liberal Party) has mandated Bogdan Olteanu to represent the party in the discussions, and Viorel Hrebenciuc will represent PSD (Social Democrat Party).
The Social Democrats have asked funds for their mayors and back up for some projects in exchange for the mitigation of the vote of censure. Geoana's party considers it deserves a percentage of 30% of the funds directed to the local administration. The PSD leaders have pretended that Tariceanu Government has to admit publicly the paternity of the Social Democrat projects that are to be launched. On the other hand, the Liberals are preparing an increase of the priests' wages by 30-40% and the programme "A laptop for every pupil in Romania". PM Tariceanu has avoided the debate on the vote of censure theme at the Permanent Delegation held in Neptun. He reproached the Liberal leaders that talks held inside the party get to the media representatives. The PNL priorities in the autumn parliamentary session are the uninominal voting, the lustration law, the archive law and the legislative package on the national security.
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