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Liar ruler from Chishinau and blockhead subprefects from Bucharest
No matter what Vladimir Voronin does, he always manages to put his foot in it. One of his anthological come outs was the one when he said Jesus Christ belonged to the communists' party. Some other time he sympathized with those who ask for meat croquettes and are being discriminated by when they are given mincemeat balls. All in all, Vladimir Voronin broke loose from all control.
Voronin's latest come out of this kind was last week, when he ruffled again towards Romania, by saying that he had never promised he would open two new Romanian consulates! News agencies, radio stations and journalists have rushed to browse through their audio archive. Surprise! Voronin did say he would immediately order the opening of two new consulates on the left bank of Prut River. That is another lie to score! There are hard times nowadays, with so many voice recorders and news agencies, of which many are so disobedient...
Voronin has another problem - and it terribly looks like the one the greedy noblemen in the Middle Age, whose poor peasants ran like peasant from their estates. The million of applications for Romanian citizenship have indicated the true attachment of the people from the left bank of Prut River to the cause of belonging to the Republic of Moldova. The communists have been generous in sponsoring pseudo-historians and pseudo-linguists, as Romania still represents an attraction. We would be na�ve to believe that Bessarabyan people come to Romania to speak Romanian. They come here to earn money, and the fact that they can speak Romanian makes them successful. Even the communists from Chishinau do their best businesses also in Bucharest, directly or by mediators. Voronin would like that only those with a high level of ideological background come to Bucharest, that is the ones able to distinguish between the language spoken in the Republic of Moldova and the Romanian language, between the tasty meat croquettes (parjoala, as it is called in Moldova) and the oppressive mincemeat ball (chiftea, as it is called in Romanian). Each Bessarabyan individual that crosses the Prut River self-willed, in accordance with the freedom of movement principle, constitutes a blow taken by the Voronin regime.
Each student that graduates a faculty in Romania becomes a "class enemy" for Voronin's communists. If he could, Voronin would put barbed wire at the border and would completely forbid the crossing of the river - the way Ceausescu did to protected the Romanians from the decadent West, thus keeping them prisoners in their own country.
Unfortunately, prince Voronin receives an unhoped for help from the blockhead subprefects from Bucharest. The visa scandal is part of the concert of anti-Romanian measures the communists and Voronin's secret advisors have planned. The blockhead subprefects from Bucharest have just fallen into the trap like dolts. Now it's high time that visas were delivered for a longer period, of four to five years, with multiple entries. The Romanians from the left bank of Prut River who want to come to Romania, be it only for a better living, must benefit of this right. Voronin showed too many times he would die suffocated if he uttered the sentence "I speak in the Romanian language". We need no more proofs in this respect. Given the circumstances, to go further on the option of opening two new consulates at Cahul and Balti is completely idiotic. Ten trucks full of requests for opening these consulates can be sent to Chishinau; they would be treated as waste sheets. The simplest and most efficacious option is to modify the system of granting visas, that is on three to five years, with multiple entries. One more thing! The law on the recognition of the Romanian citizenship for the Bessarabyan people should finally be amended in the same way, i.e. in the simplest version. That supposes any court in the country can do it, and thus the million of applications won't stuff the three judges in Bucharest any longer. And Voronin should be left at Chishinau, to speak the "Moldovan" until it sets his teeth on edge...
George DAMIAN 
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