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  Nr. 4017 de sambata, 25 august 2007 
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Magyars' talks prove fruitless
Yesterday's talks between the UDMR (Democrat Union of Magyars in Romania) and the CNMT (National Council of Magyars in Transylvania) concerning a common candidate list for the approaching election of MEPs in Romania proved fruitless. The two sides failed to agree to crucial matters.
One issue of dispute was the UDMR monopoly on the system of administering the funds settled for the Magyars. The CNMT vice president Szilagy Zsolt commented: "We have failed to reach consensus with the UDMR as far as this is concerned. We have been expecting the UDMR to open much more the door showing how this system works."
Another point they disagreed on was the making of a round table of the Magyar community. The UCM (Civic Magyar Union) and the CNMT want this future institution to have political attributions, whereas the UDMR wants it to be consultative only. Zsilagy Zsolt commented: "Each side is feeling certain distrust, each side is asking for more guarantees."
The UDMR promised on the other hand to support the referendum on local autonomy. The groups agreed to meet once again next week. (R.I.P.)
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