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He expressed opinion too early
Traian Basescu made a spectacular comment a few days ago, threatening there would follow reprisals against the Chishinau government. But less than two years ago the heads of state in Bucharest and Chishinau were kissing each other with their sticky lips, like some family relatives. The cellar in Cotroceni Palace is still full of the wine bottles from Voronin, which crossed the border with no fees paid. They were a gentleman's gift for a gentleman. A short while ago, when launching his strange strategy on the East, Traian Basescu swore Romania would do its best to bring Chishinau to Europe: together with its Communists, Russia lovers, Moscow's Army 14 and, if the case, federalized with Tyraspol. What happened in the meantime? How come such a spectacular and dramatic turning of a leaf? What does the visa scandal imply, after all?
As far as strategy is concerned, Romania made several mistakes. I mean not Romania, but President Traian Basescu, still head of the state. According to his attributions, he is the no. 1 strategist in foreign affairs matters. As for the Moldovan Republic's accession to the European Union, Traian Basescu expressed a straight opinion, but too early. Before Romania became a full right member state, the President had claimed Romania would do its best to help Chishinau join the EU as soon as possible, at the same time with Romania, if possible. Had this been about someone else, a Moscow agent let's say, I would have called it diversion at once, I would have taken it for one more attempt to prevent Romania from accomplishing the EU integration mission. Two years ago, Romania wasn't obviously ready and it still isn't for EU membership. The illusionary unification of the Moldovan Republic with its mother country, an idea part of a bizarre Russian project called 'Moldova vs. Transdniestria', was but diversion meant to disturb the weak political balance in Bucharest. By courting Voronin and establishing ambiguous family relations between Bucharest and Chishinau, Traian Basescu led Romania to a trap, making it face an issue both false and perilous, but still present: Romanian citizenship for the Moldovan Republic inhabitants.
The Moldovans are mainly after the privileged status of EU member. If such a project turns into more than words spoken by Bucharest officials, the ticking bomb would consist in the fact that, by granting the Moldovans with visas, Romania would face unimaginable difficulties in the relations with the EU authorities, effecting from the huge and uncontrolled trafficking in human beings. And there would also follow domestic slides impossible to settle. As seen, it is the Russia lovers and the Communists who dominate the Moldovans. Almost at once, the Russia lovers and the Communists would have become agents of the electoral process in Romania. What a luck that Bucharest leaders, Basescu the first of them, have once again proved inconstant or fond of double language!
The Chishinau visa scandal is part of the undisciplined process of strategy and political approach described above. The visa granting is one thing from a political point of view and something else from a propaganda point of view. We claim to be the brothers of the Romanian Moldovans and we make official statements that we are struggling to facilitate the visa release, but we are actually doing the opposite in order to avoid difficulties in the relations with the EU. Given this, Chishinau authorities may have caught us in the wrong attitude: taking bribe.
Why did Traian Basescu speak instead of the institutions entitled to it, thus expressing opinion on the visa issue too early, before the government's inquiry was over? Is it just one of the President's usual slips? Or is this the start of another confrontation between Cotroceni Palace and Victoria Palace?
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