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PLD wants a referendum on the uninominal vote
"President Traian Basescu must initiate a referendum for the uninominal vote unless a law draft on this matter is available by 15 September, the PLD (Liberal-Democrat Party) Permanent Delegation said in a resolution adopted last Saturday. The party leader, Theodor Stolojan, justified the decision of the party leadership, by invoking the "lack of political will and the demagogy of PSD and PNL concerning the uninominal vote", says a Mediafax release. According to the resolution, PLD backs up the project of uninominal vote as proposed by Pro Democratia Association and condemns the attitude of PSD and PNL, "that led to the blocking of the activity of the Parliamentary Committee for the uninominal vote". The solution PLD found didn't make the leaders of the parliamentary parties enthusiastic, except for PD. The PSD leader, Mircea Geoana, answered Stolojan back, claiming that his party was not against such an approach, a referendum on the uninominal vote at the same time with the Europarliamentary elections in autumn would be unconstitutional. Moreover, Geoana accused the head of state of wishing a referendum now in order to support PD at the Euro-elections, according to Realitatea TV station. UDMR (Democratic Union of the Magyars in Romania) didn't have a positive reaction either at PLD's approach. Marko Bela stated he didn't recommend linking the two events - the elections for the EP and the referendum. In their turn, the Liberals have showed there were also other solutions to overcome the current blockage on the uninominal. PNL vice-president, Norica Nicolai, has pointed out there was no need of a popular consent, because anyway it was the Parliament the one to decide on the law that introduces the uninominal vote. Nicolai has indicated as a solution the Government's assuming responsibility on this law. Neither PRM (Greater Romania Party), nor PC (Conservative Party) agreed with that, Bolcas also accusing an image play in case of a referendum. (R.I.P.)
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