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-- ZIUA presents you the trajectory of the main politicians and parties on the political chessboard following the 2004 elections and their positioning before the Europarliamentary, local, general and presidential election sessions
Basescu has been and stays in top. Tariceanu drops from 64.4% to 13%. Geoana goes down. Becali is a boom. Nastase's decline continues. Stolojan is paradoxical. Vadim has gone down on the slide. Boc is always overshadowed by the president. PD (Democrat Party) has tripled its percentages. The Liberal route. PSD (Social-Democrat Party) has dropped from 35% to 18%. PRM (Greater Romania Party) is in collapse. PLD (Liberal Democrat Party) and UDMR (Democratic Union of the Magyars in Romania) remain below the threshold.
Almost three years after the November 2004 elections, the configuration of the political class has changed radically. Parties that were insignificant as an electoral weigh or with a small electoral basin have become structures benefiting of a large popular support, able to win by far the elections for the European Parliament. Meanwhile, dominant parties have lived to receive only half of the electoral support they had benefited in the past, now running the risk of a shameful score in the Euro-elections.
Basescu, the only constant
The electorate sensitiveness has grown bigger in case of the political players, as the opinion polls show spectacular increases or decreases of the credibility quota of the political personalities, on account of their successes or failures. Paradoxically, as far as the parties are concerned, PSD is the one recording the most severe drop, as although in Opposition, the number of its potential voters has diminished to a half starting 2004. PNL also records a drop in its percentage, though it had been the main political force in power after the parliamentary elections. PD has recorded a general positive trend, as it has tripled its number of sympathizers for the last almost three years. It's also the case of PNG (New Generation Party), run by Gigi Becali (a party that practically did not exist at the end of 2004). This party has captured the nationalist electorate to the disadvantage of PRM. Traian Basescu is the only politician that has constantly maintained in the Romanians' credibility top. Despite the fluctuation of his quota, generated by the scandals in which the head of state has been involved, Basescu has managed each time to retrieve the loss. Just like the party he runs, Mircea Geoana has recorded a constant lowering in the electorate's preferences, which has been accelerated by their action of dismissing the head of State. ZIUA has drawn up an analysis of the evolution in the polls of the main political parties and personalities, from 2005 so far, so as to emphasize the electorate's trends in the perspective of the future European, local or parliamentary elections. (A. ILIE, R. GHEORGHE, R. PAPADOPOL and R. ANDRONIC)
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