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PD Victory
The Democrat Party continues to grow in the top of the polls, as it got, on the occasion of the referendum that dissipated the project of dismissing Traian Basescu, a powerful emotional vote. If PD's high percentages, together with the general positive trend of this party are the same also for the next period, the presidential structure qualifies for a certain victory in the elections for the European Parliament and in the local ones. Only few steps are left until the victory in the 2008 legislative elections. With a pro-Basescu government, the head of State takes the safe course of a second mandate. That things are like that one can notice from the information we publish in this edition. PSD (Social-Democrat Party) has dropped to half of the 40% in 2005. Meanwhile PD (Democrat Party), initially an insignificant party, is now consolidating on the first position. How can the spectacular success of the Democrat Party be explained? Where did PSD fail?
The rule of the alternation in power is seriously consolidated in Romania. That means that, in principle, the way that a government made up of the main forces of the opposition came to power after a PSD administration, it should happen the same way now, on the occasion of the elections for the European Parliament, followed by local and legislative elections. What I mean is that we should witness a return of the left. No matter what one party or another would do positively, the trend is that the citizens account the weak points of a governing, penalize it and give a chance, every four years, to the other camp. However, there are indices now that we might witness a weird phenomenon. The Democrat Party, being in power until few months ago, with a strong back up and, as a matter of fact, run by Traian Basescu, holder of an important pole of power, in his position of a head of state, manages to make up the image of an opposition party. PD qualifies every day more and more as the main opposition force, thus turning into an alternative to the power. However, how does the electorate see the power made up of? It is quite strange but, besides PNL (National Liberal Party) and UDMR (Democratic Union of Magyars in Romania), parties that have always been in power following the latest elections, the population in Romania considers that PSD (Social-Democrat Party) and PRM (Greater Romania Party) have also been in power or at least in complicity with it. Instead of taking advantage of their status of structures from outside the power algorithm, PSD and PRM find themselves pushed in a corner o the ring at the end of an electoral cycle. Meanwhile, the Democrat Party still holds important positions in the local public administration, although it has recently left the central one, thus managing to take full advantage from the status of an alternative at the current power as well.
We must find an explanation in the politics Traian Basescu promotes. The head of state has gradually become the most important critique of Tariceanu Government (the first and the second one as well), as he also benefited of an intense media covering, and, in the meantime a harsh adversary of PSD, PRM and PC (Conservative Party). At the same time with Basescu's growing more and more important, PSD, PRM and PC, parties of the first rank guard of the opposition, were forced to deal tactfully with the Government in order to protect themselves and not to grant a dangerously big power to the head of state. This government is now a ultra-minority one, and it wouldn't resist if deprived of the more or less tacit support of the above mentioned parties. This way, the population identifies more and more these parties as parties of the power. At the same time, the public perception places Basescu and PD at the other pole.
Finding itself in such a weird situation, PSD is forced to take two scenarios into account. That is it either continues this way and then it risks to lose the first position at the European, local and parliamentary elections and, consequently, the next governance, in favour of the Democrat Party. Or it suddenly becomes a more powerful, more authorized and more critical voice against the power that the presidential party is for the time being. But until they make this choice, some clarifications are presumed as necessary inside the PSD. And also some re-positioning may be necessary, maybe even dramatic ones.
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The Democrat Party continues to grow in the top of the polls   de Spargel
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