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Citizenship war
-- The Ministry of Justice is accused of irresponsibility for having contested a judicial decision regarding the time limit for solving the applications for citizenship. In retort, Chiuariu cast the blame on the ex-minister, Monica Macovei.
"Mockery over the Prut River", the material ZIUA published two days ago, has generated a real war. ZIUA unveiled the fact that tens of thousands of Bessarabyan people had been waiting for years for an answer to the application they had submitted to the Committee for contesting the conditions of granting the Romanian citizenship at the Ministry of Justice. We also presented the case of a young woman that had sued the Ministry of Justice, invoking the fact that her application hadn't been processed for four years and a half. The complainer has won, but the Ministry of Justice appealed. Following this revelation, PD (Democrat Party) Deputy Daniel Buda accused the minister of Justice Tudor Chiuariu of irresponsibility, as the latter had contested the decision of the Court of Appeal Bucharest. In his favour, Chiuariu cast the blame on the former minister of Justice, Monica Macovei, saying that these problems dated from her mandate.
Bogdan GALCA
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