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Coldea effect
-- President Basescu has availed himself of the notes written by the Maior's first deputy to clear SRI (Romanian Intelligence Service) of the old guard. The first to disappear is General-lieutenant Ionel Marin
The deputy of the SRI director, also coordinator of anti-terrorism and international cooperation fields, was put in reserve yesterday, by the means of an Order in Council. He was put in reserve on the grounds of Article 85, paragraph 1 (e) of Law no 80/1995, which is about the discharge due to reorganization. Marin asked to be pensioned, and Basescu restructured the position of deputy director of SRI. The three stars general, accused of having repressed the revolutionaries in December 1989, leaves SRI with almost 100,000 RON in his pocket, as an old age allowance. During the notes scandal, Marin started war against Maior whom he denounced to the SRI Committee. General Dumitru Ion Zamfir, the last Mohican of the old guard of the Securitate (Communist Secret Service), another one of Maior's deputies, is on the purging list as well. The head of the Counterespionage, General Ionel Bidireci, and the head of the Department for Preventing and Combating Terrorist Activities, General Ion Stefanut shall accompany Zamfir outside the SRI gate. Director George Maior announced a decrease in the leading positions in SRI at the 28 June CSAT (Supreme Council of National Defense) meeting. Colonel Coldea, the source of the whole scandal, was reinstalled in the position of prim-deputy of the SRI director. (...)
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