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Justice ministers' lie and bow low before EU
Tudor Chiuariu's promise to the Bessarabyan people that he would finally settle the system of granting the Romanian citizenship comes late, much too late. Practically, Chiuariu cleaves to a matter with a certain influence on the public to step forward and to ingratiate with the people. The hand that approved the communiqu� sent to ZIUA, and in which the same promise is quite obvious, is the same that had signed the appeal to the trial won by a Bessarabyan who has been struggling for years to get the Romanian citizenship.
There are some things that must be clarified: Bessarabyan people may get back the Romanian citizenship, the law says, they do not get a Romanian citizenship. There is a difference between a Bessarabyan and somebody from another place that wants to settle here. The Bessarabyan people have lost their Romanian citizenship following the Soviet Union's aggression, they didn't willingly expatriate themselves. Romania owes the Bessarabyan people at least a citizenship. However, starting 2002, all the ministers of Justice in Bucharest have been using shifts and blocked the applications for getting back the Romanian citizenship. Everytime the press had an interpellation on this topic, each minister of Justice from the last five years had the same answer. They say: we are working on a project on this matter, the current law is bad and it has to be improved, but we'll have a better law as soon as possible, which will unblock the process of giving back the Romanian citizenship. As for myself, all the ministers of Justice have been lying for five years, starting 2002, since nothing has happened with this project. Moreover, as long as a law is in force, it has to be applied, no matter whether there is or not a project meant to improve it. If we have a criminal code draft, does this mean that all thieves and criminals in Romania cannot be investigated and condemned?
Such an absurdity ensued from the answers of the ministers of Justice can only exist in Romania. Besides, the same ministers of Justice are the ones who have signed for "exceptional" cases of getting back the citizenship. Most of the times, these cases were enriched politicians from the left bank of Prut River. And this happened while ordinary people were being humiliated either at the long queues at the Romanian Consulate in Chishinau or at those at the Ministry of Justice in Bucharest. Each minister of Justice has announced s/he would make public - "at the right time" - the law draft that has been decanted for five years. Berlin grants almost instantly the German citizenship to any German ethnic of any part of the world who asks for it. In Bucharest, ministers of Justice use shifts.
And here comes the EU envoy to Chishinau, Kalman Mizsei, to meddle in all this sour soup, by recommending Romania to take it easier with giving back the Romanian citizenship to the Bessarabyan people. The fact that the European official acted beyond his mandate is crystal clear. However, there was no reaction from the Romanian authorities. It's about the same authorities that whisper, round the corner, that it's just the European Union the one that doesn't want Bessarabyan people to get back the Romanian citizenship. The answer cannot be but one: there is not much provision on this matter in the negotiation chapters for Romania's accession to the EU. Therefore, any position expressed by European officials on this issue represents interference in the internal affairs of a member state. However, Romania's representatives prefer to bow low before the EU officials instead of having the courage to show them the Accession Treaty. The European Union should have nothing to say on the Romanian citizenship, the same way as it has nothing to say on the German or UK citizenship.
George Damian 
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