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Electoral pensions
The adoption of the pension law proposed by PSD (Social Democrat Party) has countless effects on the country's economic stability. This is the experts' conclusion after the Parliament has voted, at half week, the law by which the pension point increases by 37.5% from 1 January 2008 and by 45% from 1 January 2009. The document adopted by the Parliament is the result of the negotiation between PSD (Social Democrat Party) and PNL (National Liberal Party). The Social Democrats have caught the pensioners' protest "on the bounce" and turned it into a political weapon in their attempt to gain image and also the pensioners' votes. The PSD leaders have threatened the Executive with the vote of censure unless it increases the pensions. In that case, PM Tariceanu has given up at the political bargain perfected with Viorel Hrebenciuc. Later on, PNL wanted to assume the paternity of the legislative initiative on the increase of the pension point, however without success. The two parties correctly appreciated the importance of the electoral basin the pensioners represent and have desperately tried to adjudicate it. Moreover, all the parties at the vote in the Parliament have supported the draft. Later on, the nation's elected ones modulated their opinions, from a na�ve enthusiasm to defeatism. In reality, PSD's action is a purely electoral one in a year preceding the parliamentary elections. It is obvious that the budget will explode because the politicians will have to search again through the box-of-electoral-alms next year.
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