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IJC asks for the resignation of the minister
The organization Initiative for a Clean Justice (Ro.: IJC) asked yesterday the minister of Justice, Tudor Chiuariu, "to assume the responsibility of his mistakes and to step down, as the sole gesture of honour he can still make", according to a communiqu�. "Even if Mr. Chiuariu lays the blame on the experts from the Ministry of Justice for the phrasing of the propositions on the modification of the Report, the minister of Justice is directly responsible for any form of official communication with the structures of the European Commission", says the above mentioned source.
The Initiative for a Clean Justice states that "by the arguments he tried to have the Report modified, Mr. Chiuariu chose to move the Romanian politicians' personal fight with the DNA investigations right on the European Commission's table, and bringing by this serious disservice to the country".
IJC is a project launched by: Advocacy Academy, Freedom House Romania, the Group for Social Dialogue, the Academic Society in Romania, Timisoara Society and the Association "Society for Justice". (Rompres)
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