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Venturiano's counter-report
-- How can someone be Chiuariu, that is to send to the European Commission amendments to the country report, by which requesting the removal of the paragraphs in which the Union praises Romania for its progresses in Justice?!
If the Eu praises us for the fact that DNA (National Directorate Against Corruption) fights against corruption more than Mircea the Old with Bayazed - thought, between you and me, Daniel Morar's directorate is for nothing, only a political scarecrow - here comes the huge minister of Justice, with his Rica Venturiano (from Caragiale's "Noapte furtunoasa" - Stormy Night) style, and keeps on denying, saying that it's not true and that the prosecutors against corruption are kind of wasters and dudes. In a tone worthy of the Voive of the National Patriot (ironic, original "Vocea Patriotului Nationale"), Chiuariu hits not only the Justice's dally bones but also Romania's, over which still hangs the safeguard clause, even though Franco Frattini said it would not be called this way, for now... To be honest, the minister was somehow right, but that's not normal. The EU observers pretended not to notice the DNA hobbling along. So, why should you, Tudor Chiuariu, come and, in an entirely anti-Romanian spirit, want to hit the finishing stroke right to the government you are a member of?! This is no longer a blunder, it's idiocy. And if it wasn't idiocy, then it's ill-will against the people that have asked for the EU integration. It's far above Mircea Geoana's stupidity, as he, when asked in a press conference, if he knew whether there were ex-Securitate (former communist secret police) under cover agents in politics, he gave the stupefying answer: "I don't know, we haven't counted us yet!". If Geoana tried to correct him blaming on the tiredness, I don't believe that Chiuariu had his head refreshed, although his brains seems to sit quite comfortable inside...
When he tried to justify himself, the Venturiano-type from the Ministry of Justice only went from bad to worse. He stated before the media that he didn't have the slightest idea of a counter-country-report mailed to the EU, and that some experts-counselors from the ministry he runs had drawn it up. "Hey, body, are you idiot?!", would have replied Caragiale (great Romanian playwright) in the brain-dilating-heat: "You mean that the master is not home?!", in translation: minister Chiuariu is not the master of the ministry? His counselors may do whatever they want to?! If so, then Chiuariu must be beheaded. That is the minister has to resign... I didn't hear him saying in the justifying press conference that he would take severe measures against those experts. Otherwise, what kind of experts are they? This makes me think that he doesn't even has against whom take measures. I don't believe the amendments could have been sent to Brussels just like that, as ordinary papers, signed by who-knows-what counselors-experts, without the signature of the minister of Justice. Geoana himself wouldn't buy such a thing... Or, maybe he would, together with Chiuariu's superior, Relu Fenechiu, or with the manager of the high school where the minister graduated and where he went by helicopter, on the taxpayers' money, to inaugurate a swimming pool.
And here we are to Macovei! Yes, Monica Macovei... Well, if she is the Europe's favourite, the female-agent 007 of the ex-reform in Justice, with Daniel Morar as a forward on the extreme right, how can one be so stupid and make a fool of himself? It was quite normal that Mona would come out of lethargy and take a tour with Chiuariu arm in arm, in front of the cameras. Macovei is even bigger now and asks that the safeguard be reintroduced - in its initial form - as it is the only way to deal with the current government. And Mona isn't home either! Big neat, mon cher, no way...
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