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Romanians own 'land' on the Moon
Almost 1,000 Romanians are owners of 'land' on the Moon, on Mars or Venus. Such transactions are achieved through the Romanian branch of the Lunar Embassy, with headquarters on Nerva Traian Street in Bucharest. It is here that authorized agent Adrian Dragan is discontented that there were bought only 10 pieces of 'land' on Venus.
Millions of outer space properties
The Lunar Embassy was established in 1980. It is headed by US citizen Dennis Hope, the man who informed the governments of the US, the USSR and the UN too that he was the owner of the solar system planets, except for the Terra, and that he would start trade with such properties. Hope made good use of the fact that the 'Outer Space' Treaty signed by the UN banned the world states' governments to claim the Moon or other outer bodies. But the document settled no such ban on private persons or corporations. The above-mentioned governments didn't respond and therefore for more than 25 years now the American has been selling 'lands' on the Moon, on Mars, Venus or Io (a satellite of Jupiter).
Hope opened embassies all the way from Japan to Canada and "agencies" in Eastern Europe. Adrian Dragan is the Lunar Embassy's representative in Romania. He comments: "Given the international success of Hope's business - more than 3,5 million customers -, in 2001 we made an agreement and this is how I became an agent for Romania. There were Romanians who wanted to purchase such outer space properties, but they bought themselves pieces of 'land' on the Moon via the agent in Hungary."
Moon offer
A piece of 70 hectares of Moon 'land' or a price of 80 hectares on Venus, Mars and Io costs 69,99 Euro. The buyer gets a property title with data identifying the respective piece, the planet map (on which the Romanian flag is placed on the piece at stake), as well as the planet law code. Here is the Romanian buyer's profile as Dragan describes it: "A romantic person in love, young, with average financial means." He explains more: "The first piece sold in Romania was right next to the lunar Carpathians. As for Mars, it was on the very Mount Olympus." (...)
Neighbors on the Moon
The Romanians owning such properties are businessmen, TV stars and gym students: Gigi Becali, Andreea Marin, Dumitru Sechelariu, Cozmin Gusa, Teo Trandafir, Pepe and more have got titles over properties on the Moon or Mars. Their neighbors are Hollywood stars, ex US presidents, Star Trek actors and NASA employees.
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