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Political hotchpotch
On Sunday evening, the public opinion was confronted with a new series of warlike statements. Traian Basescu announced that he would make use of the presidential prerogatives and that he would participate in the Government meeting. PM Tariceanu, as determined as the president, announced that this intention is an anti-constitutional one, whereas none of the topics on the Executive's agenda was of national security or of foreign policy, and so the chief of State had no right to participate in the Government meeting. Apparently, it was a no exit situation. After so unequivocally statements, we might have waited that the gates of Victoria Palace are slammed into Basescu's face. That is because, if the PM had received him at the Government meeting, in his turn, he would have violated the Constitution. Some even foretokened a skirmish between Basescu's guards and the guards of the Government. More excited minds even imagined, without making it public, that Basescu might have been able to ask Frunzaverde for his service, to bring the armoured vehicles of the MoD into the Victoria Square. Theoretically, this would have seemed to a real war. In reality, it was but a simple political hotchpotch, cooked upon a Romanian recipe.
Being aware of the limit-situations they might have got into by valorizing up to the end the warlike scenarios, after a sleepless night, the protagonists have found compromise solutions. Basescu, avoiding like poison a new red card for having violated the Constitution, has given up his attending the Government meeting. However, but in such a manner that his self-pride isn't deadly hurt, the president went to Victoria Palace. On the other hand, the PM, in order not to be accused of an excessive retort, did not slam the door into the president's face and didn't invite him to joint the Executive's meeting either. Though the members of the Government were all there. Therefore, a useless discussion took place, in which Basescu did nothing else but to restate his agreement to giving up the referendum on the uninominal vote and also his wish to have the elections for the European Parliament organized on May 13th. Both approaches were totally useless, as they didn't bring anything new on the political chessboard. In his turn, Tariceanu has made public his firm intention to take notice of the existence of a political crisis that might compromise, for the time being, the Euro-parliamentary elections. And this was a known detail. Subsequently, the hour the front-ranking people of the Romanian State spent at Victoria Palace was lost time. It is only at the Government meeting that followed that Tariceanu made use, as expected, of his prerogatives, by making the postponement of the Euro-parliamentary elections official. The only news is his appeal to the political parties, in which he asked them to avoid overlapping the Europarliamentary elections, when they take place, in autumn maybe, with possible referendums. So, those who want to have president Traian Basescu suspended must hurry. They should strike the iron while it is hot. Meanwhile UDMR (Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania), makes, as usually, ambiguous statements, and PD (Democrat party), also as usually, keeps on insisting on two topics: it doesn't agree with the postponement of the elections; and even if they don't agree with and the postponement of the elections and yet they are put off, PD is not leaving the the lucrative business. It stays in the Government, but casting a bad eye on their Liberal partners.
This time, there was no room for the opposition to take part in preparing the political hotchpotch. And that's for the simple reason that it was kept on the sidelines. The ball was passed from one place to another only in the power's half field. It is clear that the same as the uninominal referendum, the Europarliamentaries is postponed. Two major themes remained on the agenda. These are the Government restructuring and the suspension of the president. An explosion might occur at their confluence point, and this explosion is of a nature to lead to a breaking of the Alliance for good. And that's the moment the opposition has planned and waited for.
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